Talent acquisition is the most critical part of business today, and businesses need to stay ahead of the latest recruiting trends to acquire the best talent required.

Organizations are under pressure to find top talent at lower costs while competing with big brands and promising start-ups, and the recruitment industry is undergoing pockets of disruption.

We offer expertise in recruitment solution with varied models which will ensure in spotting high quality talent at scale with the right tools and strategy. We undertake the following services:

  • Training resources on all skill sets – technical, non-technical and soft skill – and deploying them
  • Ensuring work/task ready manpower for easy deployment at work place
  • Offering bench creation for planned workload/hiring

Sourcing - Other Models

  • Campus

  • Retails / Business Partner

  • NGO

  • Media Ads etc.

  • Mass Activation / Job Fairs

  • BTL Reach : Local Activation to reach the right TG

Database Building Activity

Eminent Minds, offer Software Development like:
  • Missed Call / Hotline Service for enrolment

  • IVRS for automatic screening

  • SMS enrolment

  • Associate referral program

  • Hire train & deploy

  • Skill development

  • Striving for Excellence

  • Excellent Customer Relationship Management

  • Technology Adaptability

  • Proven track record of successfully implementing large systems integration projects

  • Proven commitment to Technology Transfer

  • Longevity of Customer Partnerships

  • Teamwork and Leadership

Our Clients